“After my diagnosis, I felt bombarded with
information…the American Cancer Society helped
me make sense of it all.”

— Karen, Arlington Heights


Understand your options

Cancer comes with a lot of questions. We have the expert resources to answer your questions so you have the information you need to make the best choices. Complete the request form (at left) to ask for:


Information about your cancer and treatment options

Our specialists can explain your form of cancer in clear, easy-to-understand terms. We’ll help you with questions about treatment and what to expect during cancer care. Read more


Clinical trials matching service

Clinical trials offer state-of-the-art treatments that may deliver many benefits for you. We’ll be glad to help you take a closer look at this valuable option. Read more


Financial, legal and insurance resources

We can link you with resources that will help you address the costs of your cancer care and other related needs. Read more


Connections to other cancer survivors

Talking with someone who’s walked the same road can make all the difference. We can link you with a survivor who will share personal experiences and offer you perspective. Read more