“When you have cancer, even one worry taken
off your shoulders is such a big relief.”

— Bev, Villa Park


Get day-to-day help

Little things you take for granted when you’re well can turn into challenges when you’re in cancer treatment. Complete the request form (at left) and we’ll contact you to share ideas, suggestions and free services to address your needs. These include:


Help getting to cancer appointments

We offer free rides or other transportation assistance to cancer treatments and doctor appointments, easing the stress on you and your family. Read more


Lodging and travel help

If you’re traveling far from home for treatment, we may be able to help you find discounted lodging near your treatment center. Air travel assistance may also be available. Read more


Free wigs and classes

We can help you look your best with a new wig or a free class to help you deal with other physical changes caused by cancer treatment. Read more


Community resources

We can help you find sources of support close to home to make life easier for you and your loved ones. Even if you’re not sure what your needs are yet, just ask. Read more